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  Exterior Waterproofing is the right way to waterproof a structure, and this is how WE do it.  We dig it out all the way to the foundation.  Then we take out the drain tile (old clay tile) and replace it with new PVC pipe and bury it in stone.  (Most times the old clay is filled with dirt and cracked.)  Before we hook up the pipe, we make sure the pipes drain well all the way to the street.  When needed, we snake any blockages.


  We then clean and scrub the wall and seal it.    We coat the wall with cement 1102 plus additives, first.  The next step is to use black cement to seal it.  We place 2 inch insulation next, then Visqueen to make sure the walls are protected from the water.


  Now that everything is sealed, we put stone up to the level the owner wants.  We clean everything up.  Put on top soil, grass seed and straw.  Grass will grow in 3-5 days.


  That is the right way to waterproof.  Do not do interior waterproofing.  It is a waste of time and money.  CALL THE EXPERT - 216 333 0065.  Do not be fooled by others.  We offer a 30 year warranty here.  Also, insured and bonded.